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A message from the Complete Streets Coalition

SUBJECT: TAKE ACTION TODAY! Ask your Representative to support complete streets in the transportation bill

 Rep. Tauscher (CA-10) is circulating a letter (see attached) for members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee to sign in support of Complete Streets. As you may know, the Committee is currently drafting the new 6-year surface transportation authorization bill, which will fund as much as $500 billion in new transportation projects. Rep. Tauscher’s letter requests that those projects incorporate complete streets principles. It is critical that such a massive investment in transportation infrastructure does not ignore the safety of pedestrians, including children, senior citizens, and disabled persons, as well as patrons of public transportation and bicyclists.

We need as many members of the T&I Committee as possible to sign Rep. Tauscher’s letter! If your Member of Congress is on the committee (see list below), please call their office TODAY and ask them to sign Rep. Tauscher’s complete streets letter.

Talking Points:

 Ask to speak to the staff person that works on transportation issues.


  • Please sign Rep. Tauscher’s letter in support of complete streets. Paul Schmid in Tauscher’s office is the contact. The deadline to sign is close of business, Thursday, May 7th.
  • Complete streets policies ensure that the needs of all users of the transportation system–motorists, transit vehicles and riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities– are taken into account when streets are built or re-built. Over 90 states and communities already have complete streets policies, which are flexible and cost-effective.
  • Complete streets improve safety, especially for children and older Americans. And if we are serious about ending our dependence on foreign oil, combating climate change, stemming obesity, and revitalizing communities, we need to build roads designed for all users, not just cars.
  • Complete Streets don’t cost more to build; in fact, they generate revenue by increasing property values and promoting economic development. They save money by reducing transportation and healthcare costs.
  • If you are a constituent, please ask for a response by email or mail, which helps ensure that your comment is passed up the chain of command.


For additional background materials about complete streets download our complete streets bill fact sheet ( ) and frequently asked questions ( ).

 Please contact us if you have any questions and let us know if you’ve contacted your Representative and their response to signing on to the letter by emailing Ivan Kaplan at Thanks for helping complete America’s streets!


Members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee by state

CO:  Betsy Markey: (202) 225-4676

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