Valentine’s Day Love-In Update:15th Street Bike Lane


Didn’t get a chance to stop by?  No Worry – it is not too late!

  • Send a message to Mayor Hancock that simply states that you support Protected Bike Lanes in Denver.  You can do this through the following methods:
    • Snail Mail:
      • Mayor Michael Hancock, 1437 N Bannock St Rm 350
        Denver, CO 80202
Your voice is important! Let it be heard!
For more background information and statistics on the 15th Street Bicycle Facility and Protected Bike Lanes click here


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One comment on “Valentine’s Day Love-In Update:15th Street Bike Lane
  1. Bradkevans says:

    I rode to this event on Thursday morning on my bike. Afterwards, I rode my bike downtown on 15th street – I don’t know about anyone else, but riding on 15th on a bicycle may well be one of the most harrowing experiences one will ever have on a bike. I am a confident rider, but it is scary as hell to ride a bicycle downtown – period.

    What surprises me is that we are willing to trade off the safety, security and well-being of those that choose to ride a bike instead of stepping up and doing great things. We’ve heard all sorts of excuses about how difficult it would be to maintain these separated bike lanes and that it isn’t feasible for this to be done now due to time and money.

    I ask: What is the value of just one person’s life? While this is only one facility that is being debated today, the bigger picture is why do we continue to opt for car-centric policies?

    Ultimately it is a chicken and egg argument. Those that might make a different transportation choice, won’t because it isn’t safe to ride a bike anywhere in Denver. The counter to this is that not “enough people ride bikes to make this investment.” The reality is that if we build it, they will ride.

    For those of you that have rode a bike in Denver are painfully aware of the lack of connectivity, directional signage, or in many instances, no facilities whatsoever. Imagine if the tables were turned and Denver’s roads and sidewalks had a similar set of circumstances? There would be an uproar! What do you think the response from motorists and pedestrians would be if roads and sidewalks ended, without warning, as they do with the current bike facilities we have today? They can paint all the sharrow lanes you want, but the reality is that that doesn’t make it any safer to ride.

    The fact is that anyone that rides their bike on the streets of Denver is putting their life on the line.

    This is one of those pivotal moments in time – Denver can either step up and become a recognized leader, or we can bow to more bureaucratic excuse making. If you have not seen the video clip on “How the Dutch got their cycle paths” check it out here: It wasn’t until the citizenry DEMANDED it, and then it became a matter of political will, protest and economic arm twisting to finally make the changes required to protect the lives of all road users.

    Are you going to sit back and check your Facebook status for the 8000th time today or will you to stand up and INSIST that our leaders make the necessary adjustments to this plan? What is it gonna be?

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