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    Advocacy Alert: Jefferson County Commissioners may propose 2010 state legislation to allow bike-bans on county roads

    (Courtesy Bicycle Colorado) County commissioners in Jefferson County announced that they are asking for statewide legislation that would let counties ban bicyclists from county roads of their choice, according to an article in the July 7 Columbine Courier. To view the article, click here.

    If such legislation were to pass, county roads anywhere in the state could be closed to bicyclists, including critical cycling routes like Deer Creek Canyon in Jefferson County, Swan Mountain Road in Summit County, Horsetooth Reservoir in Larimer County, and many, many more. More key roads that could be closed:

    Castle Creek
    Maroon Creek

    Left Hand Canyon
    St. Vrain Canyon
    Carter Lake

    Cattle Creek Road
    Missouri Heights
    Crystal River Road
    Dry Park Road

    Colorado Springs
    Rampart Range Road
    Old Stage Road
    Gold Camp Road
    Rollercoaster Road
    Black Forest Road & Mark Sheffel Road

    Deer Creek Canyon
    Lookout Mountain

    County Road 250/County Road 203 Loop
    Elmore Store Loop
    Texas Creek

    Fort Collins
    Horsetooth Reservoir

    Glenwood Springs
    Peach Valley Road
    Grass Valley Road

    Grand Junction

    Fruit Loop/East Orchard Mesa

    Summit County
    Swan Mountain Road

    Winter Park
    County roads to access Fraser and Winter Park mountain bike trails

    Posted in Bicycle News
    5 comments on “Advocacy Alert: Jefferson County Commissioners may propose 2010 state legislation to allow bike-bans on county roads
    1. OJShakewell says:

      While we are at it, let’s outlaw walking too. Or at least let’s make petestrians pay a toll for crossing a street. Also, Children should not be allowed to play outside without a permit and must be leashed at all times.

    2. Dennis P Lima says:

      Wow, this is insanity. I think some of our elected officials, both local and at the federal level, are certainly on a power trip.

    3. andy says:

      I see that some classic rides with bike lanes (eg. left hand canyon, boulder) are included as possible closures. Why can’t we just ticket cyclists and drivers that break the law? Closing access on public roads is ridiculous. That’s like closing a road to cars because people tend to speed on the road.

    4. lneer says:

      I look forward to seeing how Bicycle Colorado handles this, and will support their efforts to head off a bike ban in any way I can, whether it be by voting-in bicycle-friendly county commissioners to replace those who would deny anyone their right to use public roads, contributing to a letter-writing campaign, or other creative solution.

      Denver Cruisers had a great cure for the pending “police crackdown” by developing an easy warn-and-educate “spoke card” program that the DPD embraced. Maybe a similar approach is in order for the contrary folks, along with enforcement officials, in these other CO counties.

    5. John says:

      Is there really as much frequency of conflict as the commissioners think? How would they know? Are they out there every week on bikes like we are? I’ve been riding the canyons for several years and have never had a conflict. Who are these people that think there is a war going on out there? Colorado is consistently rated as one of the top cycling states. Passing this legislation would kill that. Anyone who is not willing to work out a reasonable compromise is just plain lazy. I have a better idea. Why don’t we close the roads to cars instead of bicycles?? Aren’t the commissioners supposed to represent the entirety of the population. Aren’t cyclists part of that population? The only people who want these roads closed to cyclists are a very small minority of the people who live on these roads. Surely on an open vote, those people would get overruled. I don’t think the commissioners or the legislators understand that the majority of the population want these roads open for multi-use.

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