Here’s a mile-high-five to our March Bike Hero, 5280’s Patrick Doyle!

(Photo credit: Jefferson Panis)

BikeDenver is pleased to introduce this month’s Bike Hero, Patrick Doyle, an award-winning journalist and Senior Editor at 5280 Magazine. Last month’s issue features Doyle’s personal story, “Breaking Away,” about trading in his pricey car-commute and downtown parking routine for a bike and RTD pass to save money, and he wouldn’t go back to driving if you paid him!

For those considering making a similar switch, Doyle’s article offers practical advice about route planning, equipment, and clothing that can make or break a commute (things he admits to having learned the hard way). It also describes the benefits he’s enjoyed as a result of his decision to use active transportation on a daily basis–including those that affect far more than just his bank balance.

“The exercise, cost savings, and stress-reducing aspects of commuting by bike or public transit are swell,” Doyle writes, “but the hidden benefit is that you become a more active observer of your city. Instead of being locked in a climate-controlled cube of metal and glass while you peer out at the world, you’re in the world.”

We couldn’t agree more, and say “Ride on!” to Doyle for showing 5280 readers how easy it is to elevate commuting from drudgery to daily delight.


Bike Hero of the Month Awards highlight different people each month, and help encourage other people to bike by telling the Hero’s personal story. The goal of the Bike Hero Awards Program is to showcase the diversity of citizen-cyclists and the people who support them in Denver.

BikeDenver’s Executive Director Piep van Heuven says: “We introduced the Bike Hero awards because we want to encourage a friendly environment for and public image of bicyclists in Denver. One of the ways we can do this is to showcase the different faces of and great stories about people in our community, like Patrick, who ride bikes or help others get out there and ride. Through the Bike Hero awards, BikeDenver honors bicyclists of all ages and walks of life, from the first time bicyclist to the rain or shine bicyclist!  We all know people (our neighbors, co-workers, family members or community leaders) who inspire us to reach for the handlebars instead of the car keys. Take a moment to look around you and help BikeDenver recognize the people in our community who are making a difference for Denver, one ride at a time!”

To nominate a Bike Hero, please send a photo and a brief description of why you think they should be recognized (100 words or less) to info(at)

We started naming Bike Heroes in 2010; meet them here!

February 2011 Bike Hero – Tiffany Barnhart!

January 2011 Bike Hero – Doris Kimbrough!

December Bike Hero – Kelly Brough!

October Bike Hero – Dr. Mervyn Lifschitz!

September Bike Hero – Curtis Caldwell!

August Bike Hero – Liz Riviere!

July Bike Heroes – Highland 4th of July Kids Bike Parade Organizers!

June Bike Hero – Sherry Sampson!

May Bike Hero – Paul Brekus!

April Bike Hero – Peter Thulson!

March Bike Hero – Broox Pulford!

February Bike Hero – Rocio Rowland!

January Bike Hero – Chad McKeehan!

Our Bike Heroes get a nifty certificate, the public notoriety of being named a Bike Hero, and a $50 gift card from supporter Bicycle Village!

BikeDenver is Denver’s bicycle advocacy organization. BikeDenver promotes and encourages bicycling in and around Denver and works to make Denver a better place to ride your bike for fun, recreation and transportation. Why? Because it’s healthy for you, and healthy for Denver.

Bicycle Village has been a Colorado owned and operated business for more than 30 years. From modest beginnings in an 1800 square ft. building in West Denver, Bicycle Village has grown into the largest bicycle retailer in the Rockies.

Fun Stuff:

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