Are Mountain Bikes Good For Commuting?

Are Mountain Bikes Good For Commuting

We’re sure your casual riding to work or to the supermarket with a mountain bike will surprise you, especially if you love exercising or often have to ride on rough terrain.   The main benefit of riding an MTB for normal travel is that it includes a suspension system that allows you to move smoothly over … Read more

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go? Is It Hard To Ride?

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go

When it comes to electric bicycles, your first impression is usually its powerful motors and environmentally friendly features. However, have you ever wondered: how fast are electric bikes? In principle, an e-bike is twice as fast as conventional bicycles and is completely controlled through the throttle on the handlebars. In this article, we will provide … Read more

How Much Does A Bike Cost? Average Bicycle Price In 2022

How Much Does A Bike Cost

You are planning to purchase a bike – A good investment for yourself and the environment. However, you might have a hard time wondering: how much does a bike cost, exactly? Some bikes are as cheap as hundreds of dollars; others cost thousands. The prices vary significantly for good reasons. In this article, we update … Read more

How Much Does A Bike Weigh – Detailed Explanation

How Much Does A Bike Weigh

Most consumers consider weight when it comes to a bike purchase. Some believe that the lighter it is, the faster you run. On the contract, those heavier options provide a sense of certainty and stability. So how much does a bike weigh? Are the above statements correct? Find the answer in this article. How Much … Read more

How to Remove Rust from Bike? The Practical Tips

How to Remove Rust from Bike

Just like any vehicle out there, bikes cannot retain their immaculate shell forever. After all, they are subjected to a substantial amount of grain and dust on a daily basis, resulting in faint yet transparent layers of bike dust that refuse to relent under your scrubbing. No need to worry, as our extensive guidelines will … Read more