How Much Does A Bike Cost? Average Bicycle Price In 2022

You are planning to purchase a bike – A good investment for yourself and the environment.

However, you might have a hard time wondering: how much does a bike cost, exactly? Some bikes are as cheap as hundreds of dollars; others cost thousands.

The prices vary significantly for good reasons.

In this article, we update you on the average cost of a bicycle in 2022 and, more importantly, on how to choose a well-worthy bike.

How Much Does a Bike Cost?

The price point of bikes fluctuates within quite a wide range, from $100 to $3500, depending on the type you choose. We have researched different categories of bikes on the market and gathered them in a table for your reference.

CategoriesThe average cost of a bicycle 2024 ($)
Bikes for kids (3-8 years old)100 – 240
Beach cruisers200 – 300
Single-speed bikes300 – 400
Recumbent bikes1000 – 2000
Road bikes200 – 3000
Mountain bikes500 – 3500
Decent used bikes200 – 400

Bikes for Kids

Giving your kid a bike is a gift of fun adventure.

Yet, you do not have to break your bank. Your kids overgrow out of the bike, and you might have to buy a new one.

Decent models for kids between three and eight years old cost from around $100 to $240. They typically feature front-suspension wheels of 12 inches. This size allows children to ride easily on park outings and neighborhood roads.

Still, budget-friendly bikes are not equal to low-quality models. Safety is the top priority (Bike-related accidents take 100 kids’ lives and injure 254,000 children each year). Only choose the bikes having the right size for your kid’s age group and those with sturdy construction. It is also possible to pay additional costs for extra safety features (bright light, reflective tape, tire pump, etc.) and gear (helmets, knee pads, etc.), which might require $50-70 more.

Beach Cruisers

Bikes for adults, hands down, dig deeper into your pocket. So how much is an adult bike?

As you can see from the image, beach cruisers have a lightweight frame with a wide handlebar, balloon tires, a thin brake, and a comfy saddle. All the parts make the bikes easy to cycle. You can slowly go along the coast, enjoying breeze winds and fresh air.

Sounds relaxing! Then, how much are bikes of this type?

The average cost of bikes for beach cruising ranges from $200 to $300. Not a big deal for a bike to spend your casual day outdoors.

Single-speed Bikes

Single-speed bikes look very similar to beach cruisers. They are also light and simple in design.

Only the handlebar is primarily different. It is dropped so your hands can adjust in various positions to relieve pressure, particularly when you ride long distances. Moreover, the bikes have no gearing systems or derailleurs to reduce maintenance requirements.

Thanks to the above simplistic characteristics, single-speed bikes are cheap, around $300-$400.

Recumbent Bikes

This type of bike seems uncommon since its strange design. Once you sit in the seat, your body is placed in a laid-back position supported by your buttocks and back.

Therefore, a recumbent bike is far safer and more comfortable than other models, particularly for elderly riders. The price of the bike is higher, though, from $1000 to $2000.

Road Bikes

Road Bike

Road bikes are designed to ride on road terrains over a long distance. Hence, they are built with high quality and aerodynamics in mind.

Main components such as a frame or fork are often steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber to ensure a durable and supportive riding experience. In addition, the overall design is skinny, from the handlebar to the rims and wheels.

Road bikes vary in price points, primarily due to the materials and build as above. Some traditional steel road bikes fall at $200. In contrast, high-end or racing bikes cost $3000 – quite a big spread.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike part

The most expensive bikes we know on the market now are mountain bikes. You have to shell out $500 at a minimum or up to $3500. Such a widespread is due to their different sub-variants:

  • Department store mountain bikes: $500
  • Entry level (new): $800 – $3500
  • Mid-range level (used): $1500 – $3500
  • Some models on the higher end are even priced at $13,000+ (for example, the Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 0).

These bikes are costly since they require a more durable construction and extra features to tackle rough trails and mountains, such as an expensive frame, robust forks, and hardtail-rigid gear. Big and rugged wheels are also essential to maximize the grip. You must also spend extra on protective accessories (helmet, gloves, etc.) to secure a safe trip.

Used Bikes

You will save a bunch on buying used bikes. A decent used bike costs somewhere between $200-400. And there is no need to be stressed about how expensive bikes are. If lucky, you might find a like-new bike at one-tenth grand.

Second-hand bikes are suitable for bikers at the entry level when you want to try riding a bicycle. It is also a wise investment in the case of beach cruisers which are used outdoors occasionally.

We also recommend buying a used bike since the purchase is environmentally-friendly.

Tips to Get A Cheaper yet Decent Bike

Until here, if you cannot get a satisfying answer or want to find lower price points, we have some tips that help.

What Are Your Cycling Purposes?

Ask yourself what you need a bike for, and you can narrow down your options as well as plan a budget.

Supposing it is for your kids, buy bikes for a specific age group. The bikes are big enough for your children to grow and still ride comfortably.

Or do you ride your bike daily to work, school, and the grocery stores? Then, pick up a road bike or a single-speed bike. Otherwise, you can choose a beach cruiser for occasional riding.

If you want to climb the mountains at the weekend or train your legs on rocky terrains, a mountain bike is a way to go.

Where To Buy Bicycles?

Once you have a specific type of bike in your mind, search for a place to get it.

Physical stores

Bikes are for sale at a department/retailer or professional bike shop. The prices are different there.

Department stores offer surprisingly affordable bikes. However, you get what you pay for. Bikes at department stores often have cheap frames and components. Not to mention, the assembly is not proper.

You can invest more to purchase bikes at a professional shop. There are more sizes and types available for your reference. More importantly, the bikes are high-quality and safely assembled.

Online stores

Online purchase is popular now; you can order a bike online and have it delivered to your front door. It is very convenient, but you should be extra careful about the quality. You cannot try on the bicycle beforehand.

Used bike market

Vendors carefully choose used bikes on a specialized market in advance. You will likely find a nice frame and high-end components at a mid-range price on used-bike markets. Do not spend too little.

How Much Can You Spend On A Bike?

How Much Can You Spend On A Bike

Spend around $500 – $1000 on the first bike

Although there are many bikes at less than $500, we still suggest you buy a little expensive model at $500 to $1000 – or even more, if you have a generous budget.

A good bike motivates you to cycle more. An expensive bicycle can last for five to ten years, so it is a long-term investment.

Otherwise: buy cheap, buy twice!

Buy expensive bikes if you want to sell them later

Experts developed a rule to indicate when you should buy a used bicycle: Buy bikes having a Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1500 and more. Those bikes are of high quality and will not lose their prices quickly. It means spending a bit more upfront to maintain a better long-run investment.

What Is Your Budget For Bicycles?

Mid-range and high-end bikes are recommended, yet it still depends on your budget to make a decision.

Do not forget to take accessories into account. If you do not have accessories at hand (from the old bike), you can buy bikes coming with accessories in their packages.

Can The Bike Be Pre-Ordered Or On Sale?

Grab some occasions when you can buy your favorite bicycles at a lower price.

For example, place a pre-order if available to get incentives or hunt for a sale campaign. There is a good tip to buy bikes around winter because local bike shops often clear their stock at that time.

How to Choose a Good Bike?

Prices can partly tell you about the bicycles, yet to make a decision, you should also consider other features.

Types of Bikes

We have explained seven types of bikes that you can consider:

  • Kids’ bikes
  • Beach cruisers
  • Single-speed bikes
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Used bikes

Each type has different purposes and also a price range. Pick one based on your riding preference and your budget.


If you pick up the wrong size, you feel unrelaxing and slow to adapt to the bike. In the end, you have foot problems and pain in the back, neck, and other parts.

Then, you should consider the sizes of the following parts:

  • (Adjustable) handlebar height
  • Frame size
  • Position of pedals
  • Saddle height

A comfortable riding posture is extending your legs with a little knee bend. The pose allows you to create a downward stroke easily.

It would be even better to adjust the seat angle parallel to the ground to stay upright and reduce soreness in the muscles and body parts.

Frame and Component Quality

What do I spend the most for a bike? Frames and components account for a high percentage of prices. Their materials decide whether the bikes are lightweight to ride or durable.


Most bikes are made from aluminum because the material is durable and inexpensive. Nonetheless, aluminum is easily mixed with cheap metals to reduce costs while weakening the frame.

Carbon fiber

The fiber combines various materials glued together to create a new, unbreakable, lightweight form – very ideal yet expensive. Thus, carbon fiber is only used for high-priced bikes.


Titanium frames are even more heavy-duty and muscular than carbon fiber ones. Even better, the material has good impact resistance and shock absorption. The disadvantage, however, is the high price.


The steel frame is solid but heavy. You will find a hard time cycling on such a frame. Moreover, steel gets rusty quickly because of sweats and hot weather.

Wheel Sizes

Wheels that are 26 inches wide are standard for adult bikes to ride on short or medium distances. At the same time, 27.5 inches is the average for wheels since they are easier to roll and maneuver.

The most oversized wheels for bikes now are around 29 inches. Although they move a little slowly, the wheels are extra balanced on rough terrains.

Brake System

Brakes are essential safety features of bikes, except for using slow single-speed models. There are several types of brakes available on the market, yet we recommend two types:

  • Disc brakes: Those brakes work efficiently and quickly with less maintenance. Thus, they are used for mountain bikes and all-weather conditions.
  • Coaster brakes: If you buy kids’ or casual commuting bikes, we suggest the essential coaster brakes – basic and easy to maintain.

Wrapping Up

We have walked you through all information related to the price of bicycles. Now, you know its average price tag and how much a good bike costs.

  • Bikes range from $100 to $3500, depending on the type.
  • Decent bikes, meanwhile, are $500 and more.

Now you are ready to buy your first bike and enjoy riding all the time. Double-check the tips and guides shared above to make the best choice

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