Road Bike Frame Size Chart: 54, 56, 58cm & More

road bike size chart

Even if you ride on flat asphalt surfaces with your road bike, a mismatch may cause discomfort and, worse, injuries. It is crucial to choose a well-fit vehicle and make some more tweaks for the best performance and efficiency.  These motivations prompted us to compile a road bike frame size chart and in-depth measurement instructions. … Read more

What Does BMX Stand For On Bikes? BMX Bicycle Meaning

what does bmx stand for

Just like motorbikes and cars, numerous bike models and types have also been introduced to the market. Besides familiar categories like road and mountain bikes, here’s another term that confuses many first-timers: BMX bikes.  What does BMX even mean? Do they hold any significant advantages over other bike categories, and how to ensure you can … Read more

The 5 Different Types of Bike Brakes & Maintenance Tips

type of bike brakes

Bicycles are known to have a more straightforward structure than motor vehicles (ex: cars, trucks, and motorbikes). Nevertheless, numerous bicycle models have been introduced to the marketplace for decades, so do not be surprised that each bike compartment also falls into varied categories!  And brakes are one of them; at least four common types of … Read more