BikeDenver Radio PSA’s expanded.. and playing now on 95.7 The Party, 103.5 The Fox, and 93.3 KTCL!

BikeDenver’s new radio PSAs are here! Designed to encourage ridership and educate bicyclists and motorists how to safely share the road, these messages are the first of many we’ll be introducing in 2010. They’re now playing on 95.7 The Party, 103.5 The Fox and 93.3 KTCL. Hear them below!

BikeDenver worked with Mighty Karma marketing company to develop messaging, and board member “Brody” is the voice of the campaign.

Tell us what you think, when you hear these on the air, and send YOUR suggestions for the focus for future pieces!

Click below to hear the PSAs:

BikeDenver – Denver B-cycle Launch! NEW!

BikeDenver – Bike Map NEW!

BikeDenver – John F. Kennedy NEW!

BikeDenver – Sidewalks NEW!

BikeDenver – Save Your Car Door!

BikeDenver – Bike Locks Don’t Expire

BikeDenver – One Less Car

BikeDenver – Don’t Suck

Learn about BikeDenver board member “Brody” and his gig at Denver’s Alice 105.9 here.

Learn about Mighty Karma marketing company here.

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3 comments on “BikeDenver Radio PSA’s expanded.. and playing now on 95.7 The Party, 103.5 The Fox, and 93.3 KTCL!
  1. Brad Bierenkoven says:

    I like the fact that you are running ads, however one comment. They seam to focus on bike rider’s responsibilities. I commute daily and feel like I am pretty responsible. By far the majority of ingorance in the relationship between bikes and cars, falls to those in cars. They are unaware of the new 3 foot rule, unaware that we are not allowed on side walks, just to name a couple. I HOPE YOUR EFFORTS IN THE FUTURE WILL BE FOCUSED ON THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF DRIVERS!! THanks again for your advocacy.

  2. Piep says:

    Hi Brad – glad you like the PSAs! We designed them in 2 categories of general encouragement (JFK, Bike Map, Parking Meters don’t expire, Denver B-cycle launch), and safety tips for both drivers and bicyclists (Car Door and One Less Car for drivers, Sidewalks and Don’t Suck for bicyclists). We think the safety tip PSAs actually serve a dual purpose for drivers and bicyclists, clarifying how both groups can safely share the road. Ride On!

  3. Piep says:

    p.s. 3-Feet to Pass will be in our next round!

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